Reviewers guidelines

Detail guidelines how to use the EasyChair system as a reviewer is provided on in the following LINK

Dear reviewer, authors rely on your constructive and detailed feedback to improve their research.

To assist you in this process we have prepared a general review suggestions. We would like to kindly ask you to go through these suggestions before you start your review.

  • The aim of this conference is to be a developmental forum through which the authors and participants will be able to publish improved work. Your review is the first step in this process. Thus, please use a language and suggestions that are constructive and will contribute to positive development of the submitted manuscript.
  • In your review please cover the quality of the research question/hypothesis, depth and breath of literature review, correctness of the methodology, reporting of the results (for empirical papers) and explication of the contribution.
  • Your review comments for authors should be in a structured form (with bullet points) and where possible with the page number or paragraph. A good review is usually at least a half single-spaced page in length
  • You should suggest the following recommendation: Accept or Minor Revision or Major Revision or Reject and assign an overall rating of the manuscript (1 – 100)
    • You will also be asked to grade the manuscript on a Likert scale (1 strongly disagree to 5 strongly agree) for
    • Appropriate Methodological Rigour
    • Evidence (e.g., data, literature) to support the paper’s argument
    • Theoretical Contribution
    • Clarity of Writing and/or Presentation

Please post all reviews within three weeks after receiving the manuscript and do not provide information in your review that reveals your identity.

If you have any questions about the review process, please let us know. Thank you again for volunteering to review this submission for the conference program.